Job apply suggestions for coding boot camp graduates


2 min read

1. Lack of study and professional experiences

For a career changer and coding boot camp graduate, lack of study and professional experiences will be the most challenge we will face. That will leads to no response or rejection before the first interview.

Since we chose boot camp as the way we change our careers, we saved time and money for learning at University or College, we will spend more time on job searching. Personal projects and volunteer experiences will help us shorten this process.

2. There are too many tech skills to learn

As in the tech area, things change every day, and you have too many techs to choose from. JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, no-SQL, AWS, Asure..... I have spent too much time expanding my tech stack. I hope I have chosen one and stick to it. My suggestion is to stick to JavaScript and try to master it. You will use it to solve all tests you will face in interviews, and after you get a job, you will know what other techs you need to learn.

3. Keep applying

Apply for 10 positions a day. 100 applications will lead you to 10 interviews, and 10 interviews will lead you to 1 offer. This suggestion is from a friend, it fits my situation.

4. Expand your network

Networks will help you get a job, even if you didn't do well in all the above aspects.